Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potato Cake

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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"Sow in spring and grow in summer, harvest in autumn and hide in winter", the reincarnation of the four seasons always feeds us too much, and every season is always looking forward to.

As far as foodies are concerned, autumn and winter are my favorites. The hard work of a year has ushered in harvest, and eating in season is the best gift from nature.

On the weekend, my father dug up two sacks of sweet potatoes from the foothills of the city and stacked them in the corner of the restaurant. The buildings in the city are not conducive to preservation. The hundreds of kilograms of sweet potatoes planted last year were stacked in the corner without inspection, but most of them were rotten. It's a pity that this year's sweet potatoes were taken back, and my mother told me to find a way to eat them quickly. During this time, I made various sweet potato snacks in turn. My son and husband were happy and had a great time.
There are too many sweet potatoes, steamed, boiled, roasted... For those who like it, it’s really hard to eat! However, this fresh sweet potato tastes relatively hard, so you need to put it a little bit. During the placing process, the water in the sweet potato participates in the hydrolysis reaction of the starch in the sweet potato, and the starch is hydrolyzed into sugar, so the sweet potato that has been stored for a long time is better. good to eat.

But today I brought you the way to eat this sweet potato. Don’t choose the variety. Sometimes you can try to make the sweet potatoes that are not delicious. You can try to make them into this delicious snack. They are delicate and crispy, crispy and moisturizing, my son. I really liked it. I ate a large plate in one breath and brought a box to the office for my colleagues to taste. Everyone was full of praise.
The method of this snack is very simple. It does not need to be fried in the oven. It has less sugar and less oil and is particularly healthy. Recently, a variety of handmade nougat and snowflake crisps are popular on the street. They are expensive and unhealthy. You might as well make your own sweet potato and peanuts at home. Sugar bar, three sweet potatoes can make two large plates, enough to eat at a time!

Sweet potatoes are very cheap in autumn. Many farmers in the vegetable market pick up their own sweet potatoes to sell. 2 yuan a pound is really the price of cabbage. Friends who like to eat sweet potatoes can take this opportunity to buy more and keep them at home. The sweeter the sweet potato is. Many people are willing to buy more and worry that it will not be preserved. The sprouts are rotted and wasted. In the past, sweet potatoes were stored in cellars in rural areas. Now they basically live upstairs and storage becomes a problem. In fact, It is easy to save sweet potatoes if you live in the building.
Teach you a soil method, put it for a year without sprouts, the more you put it, the sweeter it is. Don't put the unfinished sweet potato in the refrigerator! The preservation of sweet potatoes is very simple. I will teach you a trick. The sweet potatoes you bought should be dried in the sun for 3-5 days. If you live upstairs, you can put on the balcony and open the windows to dry. In the native dialect, it is called "tied a bunch". This can remove the excess in the sweet potatoes. Moisture will be very sweet and oily when eaten. And it can extend the storage time. Put the dried sweet potatoes into the carton, and spread a layer of newspaper for each layer. Newspaper has the effect of absorbing moisture, and finally a few holes are worn at both ends of the carton to facilitate ventilation. Just keep it in a cool place. The sweet potatoes will not go bad if they are preserved for half a year. Friends who like to eat sweet potatoes, may wish to take this opportunity to buy more and stock up.


Sweet Potato Cake

1. The ingredients are ready.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

2. Put the peanuts in the oven and roast them until fragrant or fry them in a pan. Peel them and set aside.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

3. After washing the sweet potato with skin, put it in a steamer and steam it, let it cool for a while, put it in the wall breaking machine, add cassava starch twice water to dilute it and pour it into the wall breaking machine. The amount of tapioca starch added should not be too entangled. Add more water and the wall breaker will work more smoothly. After further frying, more water and a little more frying time will do.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

4. Use the juice key to puree the sweet potatoes. Pour it out for later use. I made it drier. The drier the filling, the faster it will fry.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

5. Pour oil into the pot, heat the mashed sweet potato into the pot, and stir-fry on medium heat. After the mashed sweet potato absorbs the oil, pour the sugar into the mashed sweet potato and continue to fry until the sugar melts.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

6. Add maltose and continue to stir fry.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

7. After adding maltose, the mashed sweet potato will become very thin, don't worry, at this time, you can turn the fire to a larger amount to speed up the evaporation of water. Because the mashed sweet potato has fully absorbed the fat, it will not stick to the pot.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

8. Stir-fry until the sweet potato is clumped, don’t stick to the silicone spatula, and be sure to fry hard. If the sweet potato ball is too soft, it will taste very sticky, and it will also make the peanut inside absorb moisture and become moist. The fried sweet potato ball, It's a bit like the beaten candy we ate when we were young.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

9. Rub the peanuts a little, so that they are half and half as much as possible, and pour them into the sweet potato mash. Stir them thoroughly with a silicone spatula. The peanuts are evenly covered by the sweet potato dough, and it is enough to not fall off.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

10. Put greased paper on the baking tray. The greased paper is slightly longer, and half a sheet underneath, with the same length on the top. Place the sweet potato peanut cake on the greased paper and flatten it with a scraper.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

11. You can sprinkle some cooked sesame seeds on the surface to make it more delicious.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

12. Cover with half a piece of greased paper, and use a spatula to help shape it. Put it in the refrigerator for about an hour.

Sweet Potato Cake recipe


After cooling, the sweet potato dough has solidified, QQ is hard, cut into pieces and eat. This kind of sweet potato cake is a bit like the brown sugar we ate when we were young, but it is more Q than brown sugar. The crispy peanuts and the soft sweet potato cake are really a perfect match. After a bite, it is delicious, sweet and Q. If you accidentally, it will really make your tongue. I swallowed them all. My son ate a box in one breath and said that he couldn't bear it. Mom, please put it away, or you won't even be able to eat dinner!

The prepared peanut candy should be eaten as soon as possible. The sugar cubes will soften and stick together on the third day. I am going to buy some glutinous rice paper and wrap them individually to make it more convenient to eat. It’s also very face to give away people during the Chinese New Year! Make your own snacks, healthy and safe, and kids will never buy junk snacks anymore.


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