Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potato Cake

by Shui Qingqing

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Sweet potato cakes, sweet potatoes are also called sweet potatoes. Now it is the peak season for eating sweet potatoes. Relatives in my hometown sent some sweet potatoes over, saying that the sweet potatoes are quite sweet and the sweet potato cakes are quite delicious. If I trusted my relatives, I made a sweet potato pancake. It was fragrant, sweet and delicious. I ate it. Still want to eat.


Sweet Potato Cake

1. 2 sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

2. Peeled and shredded

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

3. Put it in a bowl and put in the flour

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

4. Put in sugar

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

5. Add chives, mix well with water

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

6. Put them in a hot oil pan and fry them one by one

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

7. Fry it and turn it over

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

8. Pan-fried

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

9. Fried sweet potato cakes, delicious

Sweet Potato Cake recipe


Fried sweet potato cakes, I like to eat salty and sweet ones with some salt and sugar. I personally think salty and sweet are more delicious.


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