Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potato Cake

by Lime Reviews

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One of my favorite street snacks when I was young, it was soft and sweet


Sweet Potato Cake

1. Prepare 2 sweet potatoes, it is best to choose red sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

2. Peeled sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

3. Cut into small dices, try to cut them as small as possible

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

4. Add flour and water to the sweet potato, stir well, let the sweet potato be wrapped in the batter

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

5. Spread the sweet potatoes on the sieve, it is best not to have any gaps

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

6. After the temperature of the oil in the pot rises, turn to low heat and fry in the pot.
The sweet potatoes are fried and cooked until golden brown and fish out

Sweet Potato Cake recipe

7. The sweet potato pancake is ready, soft and sweet, both adults and children love it!

Sweet Potato Cake recipe


Don’t burn too much when you fry, otherwise it will be easy to burn


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