Sweet Potato Jujube

Sweet Potato Jujube

by Yoha Kitchen

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A relatively simple snack, low-oil, low-fat and rich in dietary fiber, is a favorite snack of childhood.


Sweet Potato Jujube

1. Clean sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Jujube recipe

2. Remove the scars on the skin, put it in a rice cooker, put an appropriate amount of water, and choose to cook for 10 minutes

Sweet Potato Jujube recipe

3. Let the cooked sweet potatoes cool and cut into thicker strips

Sweet Potato Jujube recipe

4. Arrange evenly on the grill

Sweet Potato Jujube recipe

5. This is the state after one day indoors, it has shrunk by 1/3

Sweet Potato Jujube recipe

6. Put it on the radiator and it will work overnight

Sweet Potato Jujube recipe

7. Let it cool for one day, put it on the heating overnight, and the sweet potatoes and dates will be made.

Sweet Potato Jujube recipe


Sweet potatoes choose red hearts, which are sweeter. There is heating in the winter in the north and the indoors are relatively dry. If these are not available, they can be dried in the oven at low temperature.


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