Taro Meat

Taro Meat

by A Mushroom cool

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Flavored taro meat is a traditional famous dish in the East Pearl River Delta, which is enjoyed by all ages. The so-called "buckle" of this dish consists of blanching the pork belly and then frying it into square blocks. The fragrant taro and the plump pork belly are alternately placed in a sea bowl, steamed thoroughly and then buckled on a large plate. It can be said to learn from each other's strengths and complement each other. The meat is rotten but not minced, the lye taro pine powder, the meat is rich in taro flavor, the taro has meaty flavor, and the flavor is unique...


Taro Meat

1. Wash pork, remove residual hair, wash green onion and ginger, slice ginger, boil water in a pot, add cooking wine, star anise, cinnamon, green onions, knotted, ginger slices and cook for 30 minutes to 8 mature

Taro Meat recipe

2. Use a fork to poke some small holes in the skin of the pork belly, brush on the Weishida sauce with a brush and let it dry. Use the Weishida sauce to be fragrant and delicious.

Taro Meat recipe

3. Wash the fragrant taro, peel and cut into thick slices, sprinkle some salt and marinate for a while

Taro Meat recipe

4. In another pot, pour more oil, put the taro in to fry

Taro Meat recipe

5. Fry until the surface is slightly yellow, remove and set aside

Taro Meat recipe

6. Then put the pork belly skin down and fry it, quickly put the lid on, otherwise it will bang everywhere, and then fry the other side after frying.

Taro Meat recipe

7. Fry until golden red, take out and let cool

Taro Meat recipe

8. slice

Taro Meat recipe

9. Take a deep bowl, one slice of pork slices and one slice of fragrant taro slices, with the skin facing down, neatly stack them in the bowl, and brush the adjusted juice evenly

Taro Meat recipe

10. Steam in the pot for 1 hour

Taro Meat recipe


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