Tea Fragrant Yam Cake

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake

by Fire plated red leaves

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People who love to eat but are afraid of growing meat are really tangled in the big evening, because all kinds of food will appear on the stage one after another, releasing the fragrance, how should the saliva be placed, ha...Try to make the yam into a jelly The cake, sprinkled with matcha powder, looks like frozen cheese. This mid-night dessert can be eaten with confidence for those who are afraid of gaining weight. It can nourish the spleen and stomach without growing meat!


Tea Fragrant Yam Cake

1. Prepare all ingredients, yam is steamed in advance, peeled and cut into small pieces

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake recipe

2. Take a pot and add appropriate water and sugar and cook until it melts

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake recipe

3. Add yam block

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake recipe

4. Press the yam with a spoon while cooking

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake recipe

5. When there are basically no large yam pieces, use a whisk to continue to boil the yam puree while mixing at high speed until it becomes smooth and thick.

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake recipe

6. Add milk and isinglass powder

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake recipe

7. Continue to cook and mix with a whisk until the isinglass powder is completely melted, and the yam paste is dense and somewhat textured (the texture is similar to cake batter, but not as obvious as the latter)

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake recipe

8. Pour the yam puree into the cake mold, let it cool and put it in the refrigerator

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake recipe

9. Take the frozen yam cake out of the mold (just like frozen cheese, use a hair dryer to blow on the periphery of the mold to release the mold)

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake recipe

10. Sprinkle matcha powder through a sieve on the surface of the yam cake and then cut it into pieces.

Tea Fragrant Yam Cake recipe


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