Thick Soup Tofu Hot Pot

Thick Soup Tofu Hot Pot

by Eat delicious aici

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Starting from this Monday, it has snowed for three consecutive days. The snow is falling. The most painful thing is to brave the wind to go upstairs to the department. It’s really freezing. Of course, the warmest thing is that in a small room, a few people gather around a small pot and shabu the pot warmly. It's so beautiful!
Spicy hot pot is the choice of many people, but the weather is relatively dry in winter, so you can't ignore your body for the sake of your mouth, so I made a light tofu hot pot, the taste is also good~


Thick Soup Tofu Hot Pot

1. Prepare fish balls, peanuts, and taro, wash and peel, and cut in half

Thick Soup Tofu Hot Pot recipe

2. Put the fish balls, peanuts and taro in the pot and cook

Thick Soup Tofu Hot Pot recipe

3. After the pot is boiled, put the pork bone soup flavored soup treasure

Thick Soup Tofu Hot Pot recipe

4. Cut the tofu skin into wide strips, wash and prepare the tofu, cut the sausage, tomatoes, and tofu into thin slices, wash and pick the lettuce, and soak the dried mushrooms.

Thick Soup Tofu Hot Pot recipe

5. Put all the ingredients in the pot, let’s start boiling

Thick Soup Tofu Hot Pot recipe


1. Just put whatever dish you like in it.
2. It can also be matched with a little bit of your favorite dipping sauce.


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