Thirteen Fragrant Lamb

Thirteen Fragrant Lamb

by Ratatouille 0352

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Said it is a teppanyaki, it is actually made in a pan, because it doesn’t put oil, it’s more like a teppanyaki


Thirteen Fragrant Lamb

1. Lamb rolls are cooked in the pot

Thirteen Fragrant Lamb recipe

2. Skim the foam on it and avoid the water

Thirteen Fragrant Lamb recipe

3. No need to put a drop of oil, rely entirely on the fat part of the mutton, dry and stir for a while

Thirteen Fragrant Lamb recipe

4. Add salt, thirteen incense, continue to dry

Thirteen Fragrant Lamb recipe

5. Add the chopped green onion, add a small amount of salt, and fry the green onion slightly softer

Thirteen Fragrant Lamb recipe

6. Sprinkle with sesame seeds before serving

Thirteen Fragrant Lamb recipe


If you put the oil, it will be too greasy. After eating, there will be a layer of white oil at the bottom of the plate. I really admire the thirteen incense, really worthy of my ancestor


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