Three-color Glutinous Rice Balls

Three-color Glutinous Rice Balls

by Simple 7700

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Office workers, and occasionally working overtime, we often keep some stocks in the refrigerator during the weekends, take turns to eat, cook a little bit for breakfast every other time, prepare some soups, prepare some dry food, and then buy some fruits , This day’s breakfast is already very good for us.


Three-color Glutinous Rice Balls

1. I used glutinous rice flour (white), sweet potato (yellow) and purple potato (purple) together with glutinous rice. Please refer to the specific operation method:
I have prepared the Yuanzi and put it in the refrigerator to freeze it, and then take it out when needed.

Three-color Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

2. After the water in the pot is boiled, put the Yuanzi in and stir it with a spoon to prevent the Yuanzi from sticking to the pan

Three-color Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

3. After boiling until the water boils, add a small amount of cold water to let it no longer boil.

Three-color Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

4. Continue to boil until the water boils, so two to three times

Three-color Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

5. Cook until the glutinous rice balls are raised and the glutinous rice balls become bigger obviously, add appropriate amount of sugar.

Three-color Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

6. Serve and eat.

Three-color Glutinous Rice Balls recipe


After the glutinous rice balls are frozen from the refrigerator, they must be cooked thoroughly. Otherwise, it will hurt your stomach.


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