Three Silk Salad

Three Silk Salad

by Happy elf a

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During this period of time, I basically ate such a dish every day. It is a cold dish made of thousands of pieces, carrots, and cucumbers. It is mixed with a large bowl every time. It is both a dish and a staple food. It is simple, quick and affordable. , 5 yuan can be mixed with a big bowl. Speaking of thousands of sheets, northerners like to call dried tofu, and some called Baiye. In fact, they are the same kind of food, but they are called differently. My family likes tofu or not, but we all love to eat thousands of sheets. It is made by grinding soybeans into a pulp and boiled. It is thin but has a certain degree of toughness. It is rich in protein, and this protein is a complete protein, nutritious The value is much higher than ordinary food; in addition, its various minerals can supplement calcium, prevent osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency, and promote bone development. This is for children who do not like milk. , It is extremely advantageous for the elderly. Cucumbers are in season, crispy and full of moisture, clearing away heat and quenching thirst, can also lose weight. Cut into thin filaments and add some carrots. It looks good and delicious.
This dish is mixed with three threads, the calories are super low, but the taste is good, the nutrition is rich, and the sisters who have strict requirements on the body can rest assured and boldly eat, and quietly reduce the meat.

Three Silk Salad

1. Prepare the main raw materials.

Three Silk Salad recipe

2. Thousand sheets are washed and cut into fine filaments; mint leaves and chives are cut into minced pieces; garlic and millet peppers are minced into minced pieces.

Three Silk Salad recipe

3. Cut cucumbers and carrots into thin strips.

Three Silk Salad recipe

4. Boil water in a pot, add a thousand pieces of silk after the water is boiled, blanch it for about 2 minutes, remove it with a colander and let it cool for later use.

Three Silk Salad recipe

5. Take a small bowl, pour millet pepper and garlic minced, add soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, refined salt, and concentrated chicken juice.

Three Silk Salad recipe

6. Pour edible oil into the pot, fry the peppercorns for a fragrance and turn off the heat.

Three Silk Salad recipe

7. Pour into the minced garlic while it is hot, stir well and serve as a sauce.

Three Silk Salad recipe

8. Thousands of cool spreads are poured into the cucumber shreds.

Three Silk Salad recipe

9. Pour in the previously mixed sauce.

Three Silk Salad recipe

10. After mixing well, add mint and chopped chives and mix well again.

Three Silk Salad recipe


1: The amount of millet pepper can be increased or decreased according to the degree of spicy food. The elves consider that children also want to eat, so they put a little bit.
2: The soy sauce and balsamic vinegar in the sauce can also be increased or decreased according to your own taste. If the same taste is not enough, just add that one.


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