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The delicious and soft toast recipe comes from Mr. Jin Dawang, suitable for 450g toast molds or two small toast molds for learning to cook



1. Prepare all materials

Toast recipe

2. Put all ingredients except butter in a bread bucket and knead until smooth

Toast recipe

3. Knead until fully expanded after adding butter

Toast recipe

4. Cover with plastic wrap for the first fermentation

Toast recipe

5. Fermented to double the size, the fingers will poke holes in the flour and will not shrink or collapse

Toast recipe

6. Round and let stand for 10 minutes

Toast recipe

7. Roll into a beef tongue

Toast recipe

8. Roll up and let stand for 10 minutes

Toast recipe

9. Roll out

Toast recipe

10. Roll up

Toast recipe

11. Put in the mold

Toast recipe

12. Put a bowl of warm water in the oven and ferment to double the size

Toast recipe

13. Bake at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes after fermentation

Toast recipe


The temperature is for reference only. The water absorption effect of flour is different. Do not add liquid at one time.


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