Tomato and Egg Soup

Tomato and Egg Soup

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Three meals a day, although it is not a big fish and meat, but also eat tricks, eat the feeling of a monk. I once felt that as long as the dishes on the table were never repeated, it would be a tricky life. Later facts proved that the concubines could not do it. The ingredients are still repeated, but the method can be different. [Welcome to exchange food, please search WeChat public account: "Shiqu Cai Caiwu" or directly add "EJM2467"]

Sometimes I find that the simpler the thing, the harder it is to do. For example, there is a kind of soup called other people's soup. Obviously responsible for the appearance and deliciousness of other people's homes. But what you have made is terrible, and you can comfort yourself and taste good. The same ingredients, but different looks, you start to doubt life.

I’ve been drinking tomato and egg soup for so long since I was young, do you think it’s really like putting the tomatoes in the pot and frying them, putting the eggs down and then having a bowl of soup? Yes, it is undeniable that this is a bowl of soup, but today, with the value of the face, this bowl of soup is probably not mixed.

If you start to doubt the tragic soup in your hand, you can review it by the way today. How can you make a rich, sweet, sour, and delicate tomato soup?

Say goodbye to the unworthy tomato soup.


Tomato and Egg Soup

1. Prepare the raw materials in advance (isn’t it simple, yes, no other ingredients are needed, this bowl of soup is also delicious)

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe

2. Cross the tomato with a knife to make it easier to peel, then put it in boiling water and blanch it for 4-5 minutes

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe

3. Knock the eggs into the bowl, and beat the egg whites and yolks evenly (the method of beating the eggs is the same, there is no special operation method, remember to beat them well, otherwise the egg soup will be uneven)

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe

4. Cut the green onions into flowers in advance. The yellow egg flowers and green onions are particularly bright.

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe

5. Gently peel off the rind of the blanched tomato

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe

6. Then cut the tomato into small pieces, remember not to be too big

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe

7. Pour oil in the pot to heat, pour the tomatoes into the pot and stir fry quickly over high heat

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe

8. Wait until the tomatoes become soft and sand, and then to clear water (not too much water, too much water will dilute the taste of the soup)

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe

9. When the soup is boiling, stir the soup into a whirlpool with one hand, and slowly pour the egg liquid in the egg bowl with the other hand

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe

10. Bring to a boil and sprinkle some salt and chopped green onion.

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe

11. A beautiful bowl of tomato and egg soup is out. Watching the eggs floating in the bowl like cotton wool, is it particularly fulfilling?

Tomato and Egg Soup recipe


1. I have made tomato soup before and I feel that the taste is not strong. The reason may be that too much water is added to dilute the taste of the soup; or the tomatoes are too large and the time for frying is relatively short, so the tomato taste has not fully come out. Smaller, bigger fire, so that the tomato flavor can be released
2. When sautéing tomatoes, they must be sautéed until they become soft and sandy, so as to release the flavor of tomatoes


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