Tomato Beef Soup Hot Pot

Tomato Beef Soup Hot Pot

by Silence into a poem

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Tomato hot pot base is my favorite hot pot base, sour and appetizing, and it also supplements vitamin C. Now there is a beef-flavored soup treasure, put a piece in it, it goes very well with the tomato base, a pot of tomato beef soup hot pot base can satisfy your stomach in just a few minutes.
The winter in the north is extremely cold. Hot pot, walk up.


Tomato Beef Soup Hot Pot

1. Wash the tomatoes, cut one into small pieces and the other into round slices; slice the ginger and cut the green onion into sections; prepare the tomato sauce

Tomato Beef Soup Hot Pot recipe

2. Electric hot pot, put a small amount of oil, low heat

Tomato Beef Soup Hot Pot recipe

3. Add the tomato cubes and stir fry to get the red oil

Tomato Beef Soup Hot Pot recipe

4. Add tomato sauce and stir fry

Tomato Beef Soup Hot Pot recipe

5. Add about 2000ml of water, add green onion and ginger slices

Tomato Beef Soup Hot Pot recipe

6. Add thick soup treasure and tomato flakes, bring to a boil, and the fragrant tomato beef flavor hot pot soup base is complete. Combine it with your favorite shabu, let’s start the shabu

Tomato Beef Soup Hot Pot recipe


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