Seasonal Vegetables recipes

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti, Seasonal Vegetables, Bell Peppers

Pan-fried Rosemary Prawns

Black Tiger Shrimp, Seasonal Vegetables, Rosemary

Risotto with Saffron Sauce

Rice, Saffron, Sea Salt

Grilled Steak

Sirloin Steak, Seasonal Vegetables, Sea Salt

Vegetable Soup with Corn Meatballs

Corn, Meatball, Seasonal Vegetables

Eggplant Meal

Eggplant, Seasonal Vegetables, Egg

Enjoy The Delicious Mala Tang for Yourself

Hot Pot Meatballs Dumplings, Seasonal Vegetables, Spicy Hot Pot Base

Seasonal Vegetable Cheese Bread Pudding

Cheese Slices, Thick Sliced Toast, Egg

Tomato Beef Soup Hot Pot

Thick Soup Treasure, Tomato, Ketchup

Family Practice of Octopus Fried Meat

Beef Jerky, Octopus, Prawns

One Fat-reducing Meal A Day to Improve Diet

Lettuce, Bitter Chrysanthemum, Potato

Crab, Cordyceps, Sea Cucumber Soup Pot

Crab, Knorr Soup Po, Lamb Slice

Seasonal Vegetable Soup Noodles [teacher Kong to Cook]

2 Carrots, 1 Fresh Corn, Green Onion Ginger

Unique Fried Noodles

Spaghetti (or Noodles), Seasonal Vegetables, Oil

Braised Beef Fried Rice

Rice, Seasonal Vegetables, Stewed Beef