Tomato Cauliflower

Tomato Cauliflower

by Celery

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Tomatoes and pine cauliflower, with a little tomato sauce, simply burst in a pan, it is a delicious meal. Is there anything simpler than this? "


Tomato Cauliflower

1. Cut the tomatoes into finger belly-sized dices (decide whether to peel them or not);

Tomato Cauliflower recipe

2. Chop green onion and garlic sprouts into sections;

Tomato Cauliflower recipe

3. Wash and break the pine cauliflower into small flowers, blanch them in boiling water until the water boils again (add a little salt in the water), remove the water and set aside;

Tomato Cauliflower recipe

4. Start the wok, heat the pan with cool oil and saute the chopped green onions;

Tomato Cauliflower recipe

5. Add tomato sauce and stir fry until red and bright;

Tomato Cauliflower recipe

6. Add the diced cauliflower tomatoes and stir-fry for about 2 minutes on high heat;

Tomato Cauliflower recipe

7. Add appropriate amount of salt and sugar to taste, or add a little chicken essence or monosodium glutamate, depending on your taste;

Tomato Cauliflower recipe

8. Sprinkle in green garlic sprouts, stir-fry slightly to improve flavor and color, and just turn off the heat.

Tomato Cauliflower recipe


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