Tomato Lump Soup

Tomato Lump Soup

by Zhushanglin Lane

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A delicacy that children like to eat, record the recipe.


Tomato Lump Soup

1. Pour oil into the pan, add the shallots and stir fry for a fragrant flavor

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

2. Add tomatoes and fry until tender

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

3. Pour in some water and boil

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

4. Eggs ➕ flour ➕ a little salt to make a paste, use chopsticks to pick up the flour to drip slowly.

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

5. Pour the batter into the piping bag

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

6. Squeeze a small mouth into the piping bag, directly squeeze the batter into the pot, all the gnocchi can be salted and out of the pot!

Tomato Lump Soup recipe


The video has a complete step-by-step operation, you can leave a message if you are not clear, remember to hand in the homework if you are learning, and communicate more in order to grow in cooking!


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