Tomato Lump Soup

Tomato Lump Soup

by Celery

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The pimple soup, the dialect of my hometown is called "gu zha", the method is simple and the taste is different. Not to mention the salty, sour and spicy taste, the thick and thin can be controlled by the amount of soup or the gnocchi. Among all flavors of lump soup, my favorite is tomato lump soup.


Tomato Lump Soup

1. Wash and peel the tomatoes, cut into small cubes, chopped green onions, mince garlic, beat eggs and set aside

2. Put the flour in a large bowl, add a small amount of cold water several times, add water and use chopsticks to beat it into a uniform snowflake shape of the size you like until you can't see the dry powder

3. Heat the pan with cold oil, stir the scallion chopped green on a low heat

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

4. Add diced tomatoes, turn to high heat and stir fry, while frying, press out the soup with a spatula

5. Add about 2 tablespoons of tomato paste

6. Continue to stir fry until the color is red and bright

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

7. Add an appropriate amount of boiling water, depending on the taste: like thicker and less, like to add more clear soup, try to add enough at a time, avoid adding water in the middle

8. After the fire is boiled, add a small amount of gnocchi in portions, and stir underneath to prevent sticking and sticking to the pan

9. Continue to boil on high heat for 1 or 2 minutes, then beat in the eggs while it is boiling

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

10. Add some salt to taste

11. Add minced garlic, after boiling again, turn off the heat

12. Add a few drops of sesame oil,

Tomato Lump Soup recipe
Tomato Lump Soup recipe
Tomato Lump Soup recipe


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