Tomato Tofu Soup

Tomato Tofu Soup

by Baby Mom's Kitchen

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It's cold, and it is necessary to make a soup on the dinner table. Just like the soup at Bao’s mother’s house today, I looked in the refrigerator and used local ingredients. I left a small piece of tofu and half a tomato from the cooking. That’s it. This soup used to work in the old aunt’s restaurant. I often drink it for many years. I saw this ingredient today and suddenly remembered it. Someone will definitely ask if the soup that hasn’t been made for so many years is not good. No, Bao’s mother doesn’t like soup very much. It’s cold and make something occasionally. Just like today, thinking that four small bowls of soup would be enough for four people. Unexpectedly, I didn’t have enough to drink. Haha, no wonder everyone likes it so much. It’s delicious. The tofu is tender, the eggs are slippery, and the tomatoes are not used much. It just serves as an appetizer. It is very appetizing. It seems that this soup will have to be done a bit more. It is simple and easy!
The soup-making mother loves to put coriander in it. Don't leave the pot and throw some in it. I always think the coriander in the soup is especially delicious and delicious! For this soup, the tofu must be thinly sliced. Triangular slices are the best. This method is also learned at the aunt’s restaurant. The little tricks I didn’t care about at the beginning, but I didn’t expect to help me now. It's very big, but I regret it very much. I know that I like to cook so much now. I should learn from the chef at the beginning. I can't get back to the past. I will study hard in the future. It is never too late to work hard. Come on Mom!


Tomato Tofu Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients

Tomato Tofu Soup recipe

2. Tomato slices, green onions, chopped green onions

Tomato Tofu Soup recipe

3. Add a small amount of vegetable oil to the pot, stir the scallions, add tomatoes, add a little salt and stir fry

Tomato Tofu Soup recipe

4. Stir until the tomatoes are soft

Tomato Tofu Soup recipe

5. Add 4 small bowls of water, bring to a boil on high heat, use chopsticks to remove the tomato skins

Tomato Tofu Soup recipe

6. Cut the tofu into thin slices and put it into the pot (cut it on the cutting board and then put it into the pot, it is not recommended to cut it on your hands, it is dangerous)

Tomato Tofu Soup recipe

7. Beat the eggs, turn to medium heat after boiling, pour in the egg mixture, don’t move it if you like large pieces, stir quickly if you like chopsticks

Tomato Tofu Soup recipe

8. Add some salt to adjust the taste, add water and starch to thicken and turn off the heat, add a little coriander to give it a taste, add a few drops of sesame oil and serve.

Tomato Tofu Soup recipe


Tips for Mom:
1 Method for peeling tomatoes: scrape the skin with a stainless steel spoon and peel it off as soon as it is peeled; another method is to blanch it in boiling water after drawing a cross. Bao Ma used half a tomato today, so she used a lazy method: pick out after ripening
2 It is not recommended for you to cut tofu on your hands. Mom is only used to this method for many years
3 Water starch and egg liquid can be added before or after, depending on personal habits


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