Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad

by Yoha Kitchen

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Western-style salad can be mixed at will according to the ingredients at hand. Tuna has the effects of beauty and weight loss, protection of liver, prevention of arteriosclerosis, activation of brain cells, and promotion of internal brain activity.


Tuna Salad

1. Prepare all the ingredients, no more lettuce, 4 slices are enough;

Tuna Salad recipe

2. Soak the lettuce in light salt water~wash and drain the water, wash the cucumber, peel and cut into round slices, wash and cut the cherry tomatoes;

Tuna Salad recipe

3. Soak the tuna in water to control the moisture;

Tuna Salad recipe

4. Slices of black olive (non-nuclear);

Tuna Salad recipe

5. Shred the lettuce by hand, put it on a plate with cucumber slices, put half-cut cherry tomatoes around, put tuna on top of vegetables, sprinkle sliced black olives;

Tuna Salad recipe

6. Put an appropriate amount of Thousand Island sauce in the seasoning bowl, add a small spoonful of Dijon mustard (yellow mustard), put a small spoonful of sugar, and mix well;

Tuna Salad recipe

7. Put the well-mixed sauce on the vegetables and mix well when eating.

Tuna Salad recipe


Large chunks of tuna need to be smashed. If you don’t like the taste of wasabi, you can leave it alone. The amount I put can only give a little bit of wasabi spiciness.


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