Twice Cooked Pork

Twice Cooked Pork

by Xiaoqi Feifei

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The characteristics of twice-cooked pork, unique taste, red and bright color, fat but not greasy, strong flavor in the mouth.


Twice Cooked Pork

1. Pork belly

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

2. Cook the pork belly and slice it

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

3. \nSlice the ginger and garlic, cut the garlic sprouts into oblique sections, pat the white part with a knife first, then cut all obliquely into sections for later use, and shred the green pepper.

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

4. Pour the oil on the wok, add the meat slices and stir fry until the meat slices become transparent and the edges are slightly rolled up. Move the meat to the side of the pan, and pour the remaining oil in the pan into a clean, water-free bowl

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

5. Then return to the pot to start, add ginger, garlic slices, green pepper shreds and stir fry to create a fragrance

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

6. Add Laoganma soy sauce and stir fry evenly.

Twice Cooked Pork recipe


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