Vanilla Waffles

Vanilla Waffles

by Wandering stars

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Waffles are the most popular breakfast choice among Western dishes. From the North American continent to all parts of Western Europe, you can taste different flavors and different shapes of waffles everywhere. Especially in the United States and Belgium, where waffles are popular, it can be said that any breakfast place has this kind of breakfast.
Waffles, also called lattice cakes and embossed omelets, are a kind of scones, originated in Belgium, and baked in a special baking tray.
There are many types of waffles, such as baking powder, baking powder, and egg white-like versions of cakes. Each has a different taste.
Today’s recipe is similar to American muffins. The recipe comes from "Make Dim Sum with the Right Batter". It's crispy on the outside and solid on the inside. It's my favorite taste.

Vanilla Waffles

1. Beat the eggs into the bowl

Vanilla Waffles recipe

2. Add fluff vanilla flavor marshmallow and salt to the bowl

Vanilla Waffles recipe

3. Stir well

Vanilla Waffles recipe

4. Add milk and stir well

Vanilla Waffles recipe

5. Sift the powder together and add, stir until there are no particles

Vanilla Waffles recipe

6. add some oil

Vanilla Waffles recipe

7. Stir well and let stand for half an hour

Vanilla Waffles recipe

8. Waffle maker oil preheating

Vanilla Waffles recipe

9. After preheating, pour in an appropriate amount of batter and close the lid

Vanilla Waffles recipe

10. Just turn on the golden color, if you like browned yellow, you can bake it for a while

Vanilla Waffles recipe


1. The original recipe uses sugar and vanilla powder. I use vanilla-flavored marshmallows instead.
2. After the waffle is out of the oven, it can be filled with fillings and topped with sauce, and it tastes better when paired.


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