Vegetable Burrito

Vegetable Burrito

by Wang Xiaoga

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I'm serious about making pie


Vegetable Burrito

1. Wash the vegetables, take out the frozen chicken fillet, the chicken fillet can be replaced with other meat, such as ham, or leave it alone

Vegetable Burrito recipe

2. Prepare to shred the washed vegetables. You don’t need to scrape the zucchini. My zucchini peels, so I scraped it off.

Vegetable Burrito recipe

3. Cut potatoes, carrots, and zucchini into shreds. Cut the green onions and prepare them for cooking. Cut the potatoes at the end. If they don’t oxidize and turn black, soak the potatoes in water, remove the starch, and make them crispy.

Vegetable Burrito recipe

4. Add water to the flour, the ratio of noodles to water is 1:2, add a small amount of salt, not add it to the mouth

Vegetable Burrito recipe

5. Try to mix up the gnocchi

Vegetable Burrito recipe

6. Heat the pan, brush the oil like this, save

Vegetable Burrito recipe

7. The small pot I use, a small spoon, one and a half spoons will do, the noodles are thinned, put more, thickened, put less, the cake is thin and delicious, low fire

Vegetable Burrito recipe

8. Stir-fry during pancake, first oil, then green onion

Vegetable Burrito recipe

9. Put carrots first, carrots are harder to cook than potatoes

Vegetable Burrito recipe

10. Add potato shreds, time for a pie

Vegetable Burrito recipe

11. The chicken fillet melts open, tear it up, and fry it with the zucchini

Vegetable Burrito recipe

12. After frying, start the burrito and spread the sweet sauce

Vegetable Burrito recipe

13. Put the dishes according to your preference, you can put some chili sauce

Vegetable Burrito recipe

14. Burrito

Vegetable Burrito recipe

15. Eat cake

Vegetable Burrito recipe


I have leftover zucchini and lettuce in my house. You can put your favorite vegetables according to your preferences. Usually two small spoons of noodles (specially shovel noodles), make seven cakes


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