Vegetable Noodles

Vegetable Noodles

by Snow ice girl

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The braised noodles are more flavorful, and it is especially delicious with an egg on top of the simmered egg.


Vegetable Noodles

1. Heat the pan and add oil, add celery and coprinus comatus, stir-fry until soft, add oil and salt

Vegetable Noodles recipe

2. Put half a bowl of water to boil, add the dough

Vegetable Noodles recipe

3. Cover and simmer until the dough is soft and cooked

Vegetable Noodles recipe

4. Beat in an egg

Vegetable Noodles recipe

5. Cover the lid again and simmer until the egg is solidified and white.

Vegetable Noodles recipe

6. Out of the pot and plate

Vegetable Noodles recipe


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