Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

by Twilight shadow

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Make vegetable soup at home to increase nutrition. One-click is more convenient, especially suitable for the elderly and children. Teeth are not good for soup recently. Put all kinds of vegetables you like together and match them with vegetables, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Simple home-cooked potatoes, spinach, and carrots do not add a drop of oil, this soup is thick enough. If you like to eat fragrant soup, it is recommended to put vegetable oil.


Vegetable Soup

1. Prepare the main ingredients and break the wall to help you polish it into mud.

Vegetable Soup recipe

2. Put potatoes, carrots and salt in the food processor.

Vegetable Soup recipe

3. Put it into the material cup of the wall breaker. Add water to make soup

Vegetable Soup recipe

4. Put the lid on the cup, be sure to cover it well, otherwise the machine will not start dripping.

Vegetable Soup recipe

5. Turn on the power and you can start.

Vegetable Soup recipe

6. When the wall breaker is done, there will be a buzzer, and the soup is ready.

Vegetable Soup recipe


Match various dishes according to personal needs.


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