Vegetarian Fried String Beans

Vegetarian Fried String Beans

by Samsuŋ❤

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String beans are a kind of vegetable that my family often eats, and my family loves its deliciousness. Kidney beans are rich in nutrients and have the functions of clearing away heat and relieving heat, beautifying and losing weight. However, green beans are not easy to fry. It is recommended to blanch them before cooking to make them easy to fry.


Vegetarian Fried String Beans

1. Prepare string beans.

Vegetarian Fried String Beans recipe

2. Remove the stems of string beans, pinch and wash.

Vegetarian Fried String Beans recipe

3. Pour an appropriate amount of water to a boil, add the kidney beans to blanch water. After observing the discoloration of the green beans, turn off the heat and remove the green beans to drain.

Vegetarian Fried String Beans recipe

4. Set up a frying pan, add bean paste and stir fry until fragrant.

Vegetarian Fried String Beans recipe

5. Add the green beans and stir-fry evenly. After the ingredients are cooked, add some salt and chicken essence and stir fry evenly.

Vegetarian Fried String Beans recipe

6. Turn off the heat and spread out.

Vegetarian Fried String Beans recipe


The string beans must be boiled in water to avoid unfried.


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