Walnut Millet Porridge

Walnut Millet Porridge

by Sheep kitchen

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Millet is a very nutritious food. It contains a lot of nutrients. It is not only rich in minerals, but also a very good food for spleen and stomach. It can also promote intestinal peristalsis and help us digestion. .
Millet is very nourishing for the stomach. It is also good to make millet porridge for the baby every three to five. You can add some chopped green vegetables or carrots, and you can also add nuts, which is more nutritious.


Walnut Millet Porridge

1. Prepare ingredients: millet, walnuts, almonds, carrots (forgot to take carrots)

Walnut Millet Porridge recipe

2. Wash millet, add water, put on gas stove and cook

Walnut Millet Porridge recipe

3. Walnuts and almonds are roasted in the oven

Walnut Millet Porridge recipe

4. Mashed after roasting

Walnut Millet Porridge recipe

5. After the millet is boiled, turn to low heat and simmer frequently and stir.

Walnut Millet Porridge recipe

6. Cook until the soup is thick

Walnut Millet Porridge recipe

7. Add the chopped carrots and boil again

Walnut Millet Porridge recipe

8. After serving the millet porridge, sprinkle with walnuts and almonds

Walnut Millet Porridge recipe


Almonds should not be eaten too much. It is advisable for children not to exceed 10 pieces a day. Carrots can also be replaced with small green vegetables, celery, lettuce, etc.


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