Warm Palace Soup

Warm Palace Soup

by 18LS28xgl Scattered

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Women have a few days a month, but many bobbins are not paid attention to, do not pay attention to maintenance, are greedy for cold, love to drink iced drinks, eat ice cream, blow air conditioning and so on. Because of this, many ladies have the problem of Gong Han. Cold palace can cause many problems, such as pale complexion, cold hands and feet, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, infertility, etc.
So pay attention to women’s tubes, keep warm, eat less raw and cold food, and don’t be greedy for cold in summer. In addition, we must also ensure adequate sleep, proper exercise, and eat some warming and warming foods. If you insist on conditioning your body in this way, a woman will surely look ruddy and beautiful. For example, eat more of this bowl of [Nuangong Soup] to drive away the cold and warm the palace, and beautify your face. Its method is very simple, and the kitchen novice can handle it in minutes.


Warm Palace Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients: eggs, longan, red dates, brown sugar, ginger, white fungus; soak the white fungus in advance, remove the stalks and tear them into pieces;

Warm Palace Soup recipe

2. Pour clean water into the milk pan, add the eggs and cook; remove the eggs and peel them, and shred the ginger;

Warm Palace Soup recipe

3. Put the white fungus in the stew pot, add shredded ginger and appropriate amount of water;

Warm Palace Soup recipe

4. Put on the cover, turn on the power, and start the "simmering soup" mode;

Warm Palace Soup recipe

5. The program will end in about 30 minutes, and other ingredients can be put in;

Warm Palace Soup recipe

6. Add brown sugar, red dates, longan and eggs;

Warm Palace Soup recipe

7. The program is over, and the [Nenggong Soup] is ready.

Warm Palace Soup recipe


1. The amount of brown sugar can be adjusted according to personal taste;
2. Scattered food life (Scrabble food/18LS28xgl Scattered food), original author of the food column. Follow me, I will share more simple recipes for food with you! If you like it, please forward it, your forwarding is very important to me!


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