Western Mushroom Soup

Western Mushroom Soup

by wlandlust

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Once in a western restaurant in Qingdao, I drank a broccoli soup and was stunned. Then I went home and studied it. I tried the mushroom soup in the same way today.


Western Mushroom Soup

1. Slice mushrooms, dice potatoes, and dice onions. Add the ingredients after the water is boiled. The amount of water added should be controlled, depending on whether you like to drink thick or thin. Add thyme

Western Mushroom Soup recipe

2. Pour milk

Western Mushroom Soup recipe

3. After 15 minutes, turn off the heat, cool to about 50 degrees, pour into the food processor and stir, leave a little bit of the bottom of the ingredients, add salt to the pot after stirring, and boil with the bottom of the ingredients just left, sprinkle with parsley after the pan Crushed, can be served with cut French sticks

Western Mushroom Soup recipe


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