Whole Grain Cereal Bread

Whole Grain Cereal Bread

by Weekend wind (from Tencent...)

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I made it myself clean and hygienic, and I could enjoy the process of making pastry. I originally planned to have breakfast for 2 days, so I went in one day~~~~


Whole Grain Cereal Bread

1. Pour the flour, 2 eggs, 100 grams of milk, and 50 grams of butter into the bread machine. Finally, add yeast and start the dough mixing program. The dough can be pulled out of the film.

Whole Grain Cereal Bread recipe

2. After the dough is fermented, you can add oatmeal or other nuts. Knead the dough for about 5 minutes and divide it into several small doses. It can be made into a round shape or a croissant shape. Proceed for the second time, about 1 hour or so, the dough will be 1.5 times larger.

Whole Grain Cereal Bread recipe

3. Take out the dough again and use a knife to make a few patterns on it. The croissant does not need to be patterned. Then brush with egg yolk and sprinkle with black sesame seeds or oatmeal.

Whole Grain Cereal Bread recipe

4. Into the oven, the upper and lower heat should be within 150 degrees, and the time is about 20 minutes. After the aroma is released, reduce the lower heat to less than 100 degrees to avoid muddy bottom. The upper and lower heat can be increased and the color can be faster. At this time, you can use a sieve to sieve the powdered sugar on the surface of the bread, and the finished product will be more beautiful.

Whole Grain Cereal Bread recipe


As long as the noodles are well fermented, you are basically half done. Then pay attention to the oven's heat, not too high temperature, and pay more attention to the color of the bread.


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