Whole Grain Porridge

Whole Grain Porridge

by tina Qingtan Liying

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For porridge with whole grains, because I like to drink adzuki bean soup, I put more adzuki beans each time. This porridge is a good blood supplement, suitable for all ages.

Whole Grain Porridge

1. Prepare the materials

Whole Grain Porridge recipe

2. Wash the chixiaodou, peanuts, and coix seed one night in advance, soak them in cold water to make it easier to cook.

Whole Grain Porridge recipe

3. The next day, put the soaked chixiaodou, peanuts, coix seed, washed black rice, blood glutinous rice, all into the rice cooker.

Whole Grain Porridge recipe

4. Put in cold water and start to cook. After boiling, press the keep warm, keep it warm for 1 hour before starting to cook.

Whole Grain Porridge recipe

5. This time, wash the red dates and put them in, then put in rock sugar.

Whole Grain Porridge recipe

6. Cook for another hour, ready to eat after cooking

Whole Grain Porridge recipe


The heat preservation in the middle is to make her softer, because the effect of cooking all the time is not as good as covering.


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