Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake

Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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This cake is not difficult to make. I used whole milk for kneading the noodles. The peanuts and walnuts are used for the sandwich. The rich milky aroma and the peanut aroma are soft and tender, too delicious. For the peanuts, I use raw peanut kernels and stir-fry them directly without adding salt. After frying, rub the skin off, and grind it into a powder with a cooking machine. Such peanuts are fried on a large plate during the day when there is time. They are also excellent as snacks, and they can also be used to make delicacies, which is very convenient. Walnuts are ordinary cooked walnut kernels, ready-made. These two ingredients are definitely nourishing materials with high nutrition.


Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake

1. Warm the milk, stir the aluminum-free baking powder with milk, and slowly pour it into the flour little by little to make the flour into a very soft dough

Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake recipe

2. Stir-fry the cooked peanuts directly in a wok without adding oil, add a handful of walnuts, and beat them in the dry grinding cup of the food processor. Do not use peanut kernels with oil. This kind of dry-frying is best for rubbing off the skin. The walnuts are just cooked

Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake recipe

3. Start the food processor and beat the peanut kernels and walnuts into powder. Here, if you make the salty ones, put some salt and beat them together, and if you make the sweet ones, put some sugar and beat them together. What I made is salty, slightly salty, not greasy to eat, it is suitable for breakfast

Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake recipe

4. The dough is good, roll it into a flatbread, use a brush to brush a layer of corn oil, and then sprinkle a layer of ground peanuts and walnut powder, pat firmly

Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake recipe

5. After being rolled up, it is divided into small noodles, the size is your own, a smaller one is easier to handle

Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake recipe

6. The cuts of each small pasta are tight so as not to expose the peanuts, etc., directly press and flatten them into cakes, and now they can be directly rolled into cakes and battered. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake recipe


Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake recipe

8. Put oil on a flat-bottomed spoon. I use a large cooking spoon for roasting. The flat-bottom area is small and the oil is a little bit more. The biscuits will expand and rise immediately when heated

Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake recipe

9. Turn it over in time, the bullish post is perfect, and the two sides will be familiar when they change color.

Whole Milk Peanut Bubble Cake recipe


This small cake first requires the dough to be soft, so that the soft and soft will foam. Don't make it hard, it's like a dead cake.
When brazing, put more oil and use frying. In this way, the pancake does not waste any oil. The temperature of the pancake is slightly higher. The pancake rolls out to a thickness of half a centimeter, and it can expand quickly when it is placed in the pan.
The peanut kernels for the sandwich are very fragrant, and I recommend trying it. Peanuts are very nutritious dried fruit ingredients. Peanut’s brain-replenishing effect is definitely in the first place. Peanuts are rich in lecithin and cephalin, as well as vitamin E and zinc. These nutrients can enhance our memory and are an important substance needed by the nervous system, which can delay brain function. Recession is particularly critical for children in school or elderly people who are slow to respond. Peanuts are not too hot to eat like this, and they are very easy to digest. Needless to say, walnuts are definitely a good material for brain strengthening.
When grinding the ingredients to make fillings, don't forget to add some salt or sugar. It depends on your personal taste. If you forget, you can sprinkle it on the large noodles.


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