Whole Wheat Country Bread

Whole Wheat Country Bread

by zaiber

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Original pre-fermented, long-term fermentation, simple and solid country flavor


Whole Wheat Country Bread

1. Mix the high-gluten flour 1. yeast 1. water 1 in the main ingredients, and cover the top with plastic wrap. This is the production of Polish starter

Whole Wheat Country Bread recipe

2. The starter needs to be fermented for a long time, the room temperature is higher in summer, 4~5 hours is almost enough

Whole Wheat Country Bread recipe

3. All the ingredients in the auxiliary materials are mixed, and the salt and the yeast should be separated. The salt will kill the yeast and weaken the activity of the yeast. Then add the pre-fermented starter, mix well, and ferment with plastic wrap.

Whole Wheat Country Bread recipe

4. Sprinkle the cutting board with flour, cut the dough into two, fold the periphery inward, be light, try to minimize the damage to the bubbles, put the smooth bottom of the dough upwards, use a scraper to shovel the bottom continuously during the production to prevent sticking

Whole Wheat Country Bread recipe

5. Sprinkle a small amount of flour on the dough, cover it with plastic wrap, and cover it with a towel, and carry out secondary fermentation for 15-20 minutes

Whole Wheat Country Bread recipe

6. Fire up and down 240°40 minutes

Whole Wheat Country Bread recipe


1. The dough has a lot of moisture and does not need to be kneaded
2. Be gentle and try to destroy the bubbles in the dough as little as possible


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