Wuxi Pork Ribs

Wuxi Pork Ribs

by TATUNG, Taiwan

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Every time I saw a small chop with cartilage in the butcher shop, I would always pack a big bag home with no resistance. There were always many choices for marinating and frying, or using it for stewing and porridge. Especially the deliciously burnt ribs, always make children happily finish a big bowl of rice. Wuxi pork ribs is one of the traditional famous dishes in Wuxi, Jiangsu. Its characteristics are that the pork ribs are soft and tender, and the gravy is salty and sweet. Traditionally, the ribs are fried first and then braised. I just use a little more oil to fry the ribs in the pan until the aroma comes out and put them in the Datong rice cooker with the sauce. Use the rice cooker to conjure the famous dish in this restaurant.


Wuxi Pork Ribs

1. Grab the soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine, and tomato sauce in the ribs and accessories, and marinate for 2 hours (I usually marinate it the night before for more flavor)

Wuxi Pork Ribs recipe

2. Put a little more oil in the pan than usual for cooking. After the pan is hot, put the marinated ribs in the pan and fry until golden on both sides

Wuxi Pork Ribs recipe

3. Spread the spices on the bottom of the pot (onion, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, star anise)

Wuxi Pork Ribs recipe

4. Add the fried ribs and add seasonings. Put it in a Datong rice cooker, put two cups of water in the outer pot, press the power button, and you can enjoy it when you jump up

Wuxi Pork Ribs recipe


I choose pork ribs with cartilage. According to this cooking time, it will be soft and rotten. If you choose sub-ribs or feel that it is not rotten enough, just cook it again.


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