Xiaohua Mantou

Xiaohua Mantou

by TATUNG, Taiwan

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My children love to eat steamed buns, and my mother’s occupational disease is that in addition to every food she wants her children to eat, it must be delicious and nutritious. So I like to make a fuss on the steamed buns. In addition to the most basic soy milk (fresh milk), whole wheat, sweet potato, pumpkin, black sesame and other nutritious ingredients are also added to the steamed bun dough. This fresh and energetic Xiaohua Mantou, purple sweet potato sweet pumpkin fragrance, the color and shape are deeply loved by children, the point is that it is easy to use!

Xiaohua Mantou

1. Cut the pumpkin and purple potato into cubes and steam the mud. Mix all the ingredients of the dough evenly and knead it until it is three-lighted (surface light, pot light, hand light, about 15 minutes). About 50-60 minutes)
(The main ingredient is pumpkin dough, and the auxiliary ingredient is purple potato dough)

Xiaohua Mantou recipe

2. Divide the fermented purple potato dough into a 65g portion and round it. Divide the fermented pumpkin dough into a 45g portion and round it. Flatten the purple potato dough and put it in the center of the pumpkin dough.

Xiaohua Mantou recipe

3. Then wrap round

Xiaohua Mantou recipe

4. After flattening, use a knife to cut into eight equal parts (about 1 cm away from the center, I cut into four equal parts first, and then cut in half)

Xiaohua Mantou recipe

5. Turn each piece of dough outwards to show beautiful petals, and then ferment for 15 to 20 minutes (the dough is tight and has a white bubble feel, longer in winter and shorter in summer)
Finally, put it in the rice cooker, put a cup of water in the outer pot, press the power, and it will be completed after jumping.

Xiaohua Mantou recipe


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