Xinjiang Husband Full of Praise of Large Chicken

Xinjiang Husband Full of Praise of Large Chicken

by Meiping 714

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There is a kind of taste called the taste of memories. When the soul is free and empty, it will definitely remind you of something and feel, that is home, that is love. Recently, we have experienced a lot and reflected on a lot. After eating this dish today, I instantly recalled the good things in the past...


Xinjiang Husband Full of Praise of Large Chicken

1. 1. Cut 8 pieces of chicken legs without chopping, soak the bones in water to clean the blood, half an onion, half a sweet pepper, a sharp pepper, two spoons of Pixian hot sauce and a large potato. All the ingredients are cut into large pieces. Two heads of garlic. The chicken does not need to be blanched! No need to blanch! No need to blanch! Fried directly raw! There is absolutely no chicken smell!

2. 2. Heat the pan with oil, put more, put two spoons of sugar, fry the sugar color, many people say that the sugar color is not easy to master, the time is short, the color is too sweet, and the time is dark and bitter. Stir-fried sugar color is actually very simple, the last tip revealed the news

3. 3. When the sugar-colored heat arrives, decisively remove the chicken, chicken bones and all the garlic, stir fry slowly, don't keep stirring, turn once and stop for one minute or two minutes, then turn again. Stir fry until the chicken is a bit dry. Be sure to stir-fry thoroughly, then sip a little white wine or cooking wine, stir fry the lid and simmer for a minute. This step is very important, it is all up to it to remove the fishy smell of the chicken!

4. 4. After the chicken is fried dry, there should be excess oil in the pot. Put the chicken to the side and continue to add two slices of ginger, two spoons of Pixian hot sauce in the oil, fry out the red oil, then mix the chicken and continue to fry. Spoon of dark soy sauce, two spoons of light soy sauce, a teaspoon of salt, a little bit of Chinese pepper or Chinese pepper powder, and a little bit of black pepper. (I love spicy and put dried chili 🌶️)

5. 5. Let the water cover the chicken, add the potato pieces, cover and simmer over medium heat until the potatoes are cooked but a little hard. Add colored peppers, chilies, and onions, simmer over high heat, and collect the soup. If you have Syldan chili shreds, you can put two spoons in it.

Xinjiang Husband Full of Praise of Large Chicken recipe


Sugar color: stir-fry sugar color on medium and small fire, add sugar when cooling oil, keep stirring, the sugar will melt, become transparent, then have color and then bubble. This bubble is the sign. When there is a lot of bubbles, pick it up quickly. The ingredients are ready to be cooked. When the bubble drops, it is the key moment of the sugar color. At this time, it is just right to put the chicken in.


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