Xo Sauce Sushi

Xo Sauce Sushi

by Lin Ma loves food

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I received the Lee Kum Kee XO Sauce from Bawang Supermarket, and I used it to make sushi today. It is also delicious!


Xo Sauce Sushi

1. Prepare ingredients.

Xo Sauce Sushi recipe

2. Spread the eggs into egg pancakes.

Xo Sauce Sushi recipe

3. Cut the egg cake into long strips, cut the carrot into long strips, and cut the cucumber into long strips.

Xo Sauce Sushi recipe

4. Prepare a piece of plastic wrap and place it on the sushi roll.

Xo Sauce Sushi recipe

5. Put a piece of seaweed.

Xo Sauce Sushi recipe

6. Tile a layer of rice.

Xo Sauce Sushi recipe

7. Place cucumber strips, carrot strips, and eggs on one end of the rice.

Xo Sauce Sushi recipe

8. Add some Lee Kum Kee XO sauce.

Xo Sauce Sushi recipe

9. Use the rolling shutter to tightly roll up the sushi and shape it.

Xo Sauce Sushi recipe

10. Cut into small pieces and serve.

Xo Sauce Sushi recipe


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