Xpress Jiangjiang Noodles

Xpress Jiangjiang Noodles

by Burn it Little Universe (from WeChat...)

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I like noodles, and my favorite is fried noodles. It seems that I like all things in sauce, and I think it has a taste. It’s called Zuixin Zhajiang Noodles because the side dishes of Zhajiang can be served as you like, and you can also order the dishes as you like. It’s very easy.


Xpress Jiangjiang Noodles

1. Dice pork, green pepper, and onion at once. In order to save time, you can boil the water now, prepare the water and boil the noodles.

Xpress Jiangjiang Noodles recipe

2. Heat oil in the pan, add star anise, add pork and fry until the color changes

Xpress Jiangjiang Noodles recipe

3. Add vegetable pepper and stir fry evenly

Xpress Jiangjiang Noodles recipe

4. Add onions and stir fry

Xpress Jiangjiang Noodles recipe

5. Pick out the star anise, add bean paste and stir fry

Xpress Jiangjiang Noodles recipe

6. After the sauce is fragrant, add water, boil, turn to low heat and simmer for about five minutes, turning down the pot from time to time

Xpress Jiangjiang Noodles recipe


I don’t have any other food code at home, so I’m too lazy to buy it. I blanched rape and cabbage with water. It’s healthy if I have some vegetables, right?


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