Yam Bone Soup

Yam Bone Soup

by Jackey cat

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Recently, LG is very keen on various health soups. It brings ingredients to the house every three days. This is not to buy a yam today. Cats also like to eat this kind of powdery waxy stuff. Using it to make the soup makes the soup fresh and sweet. Yam is a kind of high-nutrition and low-calorie food. The calories per 100g of edible yam is only 56 kcal. In addition, yam can reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Eating yam in moderation can prevent obesity. In addition, people with high cholesterol Eating yam yam regularly can health care of the cardiovascular system, can effectively prevent blood lipids from depositing in the blood vessel wall, prevent cardiovascular disease, and regulate blood sugar, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach. Therefore, yam yam bone soup is a necessary soup for home, refreshing and moisturizing. Health care, let’s do it together for those who like it


Yam Bone Soup

1. After the pork bones are washed, put cold water into the pot and turn on the fire to remove blood stains

Yam Bone Soup recipe

2. The blanched pork bones are rinsed again, the carrots are cut into pieces, the ginger is sliced, and the dried squid is soaked in advance and cut into large pieces.

Yam Bone Soup recipe

3. After scraping the epidermis, yam cut into pieces for later use

Yam Bone Soup recipe

4. Except for the yam, put all the other ingredients in the soup pot

Yam Bone Soup recipe

5. Add enough water

Yam Bone Soup recipe

6. Cover the lid and boil on high heat, then turn to low heat for 1 hour

Yam Bone Soup recipe

7. Put the yam cubes in the pot and continue to boil for about 1 hour

Yam Bone Soup recipe

8. Add appropriate amount of salt to taste according to your own taste before eating

Yam Bone Soup recipe


1. Since yam mucilage contains plant alkaloids, you should wear gloves when peeling to prevent the mucus from directly contacting your hands, otherwise your hands will feel itchy
2. The yam is easily oxidized after peeling, which affects the appearance of the food. If the yam is soaked in salt water after peeling, oxidation can be avoided and the white luster can be maintained
3. Dried squid can be put or left, can be adjusted according to your own taste


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