Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup

Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Today, the temperature has dropped again, and the wind is extremely strong. I feel helpless in this season in Manzhouli. Fortunately, the building has already been warmed, and it makes me feel comfortable when I enter the house.
It's cold, as long as there is enough time, it's like making some soup or making some stews to drive away the cold and nourish warmth.
Today I made spine yam corn soup. I used pork spine, sticky corn and yam. I make this soup with my favorite method. I can see from the picture that the corn and the spine are more obvious, and you can hardly see the yam. Because most of the yam has been stewed, it is the yam that has been simmered for a long time. Most of it melted into the soup. I like to drink this kind of soup. The soup has the meaty fragrance of bones, the delicate fragrance of corn, and the slight tenderness of yam. Drinking soup and eating corn, it is very comfortable to eat a big bone.


Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup

1. The ingredients are ready, the pork spine is chopped into small pieces, the yam corn is ready, the yam I choose is the iron rod yam, the corn I use is the grandfather's waxy corn, delicious fragrant glutinous corn

Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup recipe

2. Blanch the pork spine with boiling water, wash off the surface foam and set aside

Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup recipe

3. The corn is chopped into small pieces, and the yam is peeled and cut into pieces

Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup recipe

4. Prepare ginger, green onions, cooking wine, star anise and peppercorns

Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup recipe

5. Add water to the boiling pot and put in the processed pork spine

Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup recipe

6. Put in corn, yam and all the spices

Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup recipe

7. Cover the pot and heat to a boil, simmer for about 40 minutes

Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup recipe

8. When the time is up, add salt and then coriander to taste. "Good mountain, good water, good corn, grandpa glutinous corn"

Yam Corn Pork Bone Soup recipe


If you like to eat whole yam cubes, cook pork bones and corn for half an hour, then add the yam cubes and cook for 20 minutes.
To boil the soup, put the ingredients under cold water, if you need to boil the water for the clear stew, add corn yam and so on.
Add enough water to the soup at one time, don't add water later, adding water later will affect the taste of the soup.
The material of the corn is very important. Only delicious corn can make a delicious soup. I use the grandfather waxy corn sold in Gourmet Jiebawang Supermarket. Each is individually vacuum packed, clean and hygienic. It is a rare and delicious fragrant waxy corn. The soup is perfect.


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