Yam Egg Cake

Yam Egg Cake

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Most children don't like to eat yam, so we can use it to make noodles and take in the nutrients of yam at the same time as the staple food. But even if there are no children in the family and they are all adults, this practice is very popular among adults.
Today I used the usual one-shot format to make it, it’s simple, easy and delicious.


Yam Egg Cake

1. Wash the yam with the skin and steam it in a steamer for 5 minutes, then take out the yam and let it cool, peel and cut into sections, regardless of whether it is well cooked, so that you won’t hurt your hands during the kneading process.

Yam Egg Cake recipe

2. Put the yam section into the mixing cup of the food processor, beat the eggs, pour the milk, start the mixer, and beat the three ingredients into a paste

Yam Egg Cake recipe

3. Pour out the beaten yam milk egg batter, add sugar, yeast and salt, and stir first. Then add the flour, stir with chopsticks to form a big floc, and then knead the noodles

Yam Egg Cake recipe

4. Finally, all the ingredients are combined into a dough. It will be a little sticky when kneading by hand in the later stage. You can dip your hands in corn oil to operate it, which is easier to knead. The oil can also moisturize the dough.

Yam Egg Cake recipe

5. Take out the dough, put it on the dough table, put some cornstarch to prevent stickiness, and knead it again to make it smooth. Then divide the dough into small doses, make your own size, the smaller one is more cute, the larger one is more enjoyable

Yam Egg Cake recipe

6. Roll the small pasta into nearly 1 cm thick cakes, put them directly into a non-stick pan, arrange them, and leave them to ferment for 40 minutes. If you can’t put it down, you can put it on the face sheet and just cover it up.

Yam Egg Cake recipe

7. In about 40 minutes, the biscuits will rise up, and then they will be baked. Use a low heat and turn them in time. Because of the effect of sugar, the biscuits will be easier to color. Pay attention to it and don't get mashed. I'm ready to see the biscuits change color and rise

Yam Egg Cake recipe


In order to increase the nutrition and flavor, I added some milk so that the amount of flour would be large. When kneading the noodles, master the amount of liquid and make the dough soft. Don't make it hard. If it is hard, it won't taste good. If you make less, you can just use eggs or milk and yam, but I recommend this method, it's delicious.
I use the one-shot form, which means that the raw embryos of the biscuits are prepared and then fermented. This method has some requirements on the room temperature, it should not be too cold, and the room is too cold to ferment. If the temperature in the room is low, just mix the dough and ferment it in warm water to twice its size, then divide it and bake it.
I am a potato burrito. I share the most homemade delicacy every day and update it every day. If you also like to go to the kitchen, follow me. Let’s discuss the food together!


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