Yam Tripe Soup

Yam Tripe Soup

by Jackey cat

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After the fall, the general plan for health and beauty should start as soon as possible. First, continue to fight against stubborn fat, and second, by eating some nourishing and beautifying foods to moisturize the body and skin, and combat the seasonal symptoms of autumn dryness. The cat’s family especially likes to boil some moisturizing soup in autumn and winter. For example, today’s yam belly strip soup, the soup is clear and white, without any oily, nourishing and refreshing, it is especially suitable for those who want to maintain a good body. To increase the moisturizing effect, more vegetables are specially added to boil it together, which not only has a nourishing effect, but does not contain too much heat.


Yam Tripe Soup

1. The pork belly must be cleaned thoroughly

Yam Tripe Soup recipe

2. Then put it in the pot and blanch it

Yam Tripe Soup recipe

3. Cut pork belly into wide strips, cut yam into thick slices, cut carrots into long hobs, cut four corn slices, 2 candied dates, clean Jinhua ham without cutting

Yam Tripe Soup recipe

4. Put enough water in the casserole, put the belly in

Yam Tripe Soup recipe

5. Then pour in corn and carrots

Yam Tripe Soup recipe

6. Then put Jinhua ham and candied dates in

Yam Tripe Soup recipe

7. Cover the pot, turn on high heat, boil for 5 minutes, then turn to low heat for 60 minutes

Yam Tripe Soup recipe

8. At this time, put the yam in the pot and boil for 20 minutes. After that, you can add the appropriate amount of salt according to your own taste.

Yam Tripe Soup recipe


1. It is best to blanch the pork belly first and then cut it, so that it is not easy to lose its shape.
2. When blanching water, put two slices of ginger, two green onions, and 10 grams of cooking wine in the pot and blanch them together, which can effectively remove the fishy smell. Of course, the premise is that your pork belly should also be cleaned quite cleanly.
3. The ingredients used in this soup, such as carrots, corn, and yam, all have a sweet taste. At the same time, 2 candied dates are added. The soup is more fresh and sweet. It is recommended that you do not need to add salt, just eat it as it is. Awesome.


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