Yoshinoya Beef Rice

Yoshinoya Beef Rice

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Yoshinoya Beef Rice

1. Cut broccoli into pieces, slice carrots, and cut onions into pieces for later use

Yoshinoya Beef Rice recipe

2. Pour water in the pot, pour in carrot slices, blanch for 30 seconds and remove.

Yoshinoya Beef Rice recipe

3. Pour beef slices into the pot, blanch the water to remove the fishy and blood foam

Yoshinoya Beef Rice recipe

4. Pour soy sauce, mirin, cooking wine, water starch into the container

Yoshinoya Beef Rice recipe

5. Pour oil in the pan, pour in the onions, and stir fry evenly

Yoshinoya Beef Rice recipe

6. Pour the beef and stir fry evenly

Yoshinoya Beef Rice recipe

7. Pour the seasoning and stir fry evenly

Yoshinoya Beef Rice recipe

8. Put carrot slices on the rice, add broccoli and beef.

Yoshinoya Beef Rice recipe


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