Carrot Beef Stew with Rice

Carrot Beef Stew with Rice

by Little Meow Who Loves Cooking

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I have to say that this rice is really suitable for people who have only one rice cooker at home, or people who hate washing dishes. It's so convenient. A rice cooker can do everything! And for people who can't cook meat well (such as me), this is simply born for you!


Carrot Beef Stew with Rice

1. Wash the carrots, peel them, and cut into shreds. During this time, you can plug in the power to preheat the rice cooker (just press the cooking button without putting anything in the pot). Don't worry, the rice cooker will not have any problems!

Carrot Beef Stew with Rice recipe

2. After the preheating is over, the cooking button jumps up, open the lid, and pour the bagged beef jerky and carrots. Press the cooking button to start stir fry.

Carrot Beef Stew with Rice recipe

3. Take out the fried vegetables, put the washed rice in the pot, the ratio of rice to water is 1:1.2, and spread the vegetables on top.

Carrot Beef Stew with Rice recipe

4. Cover the pot, press the cooking button, and wait for the cooking button to jump up. After simmering for five minutes, stir the rice with a spoon, and you can serve it.

Carrot Beef Stew with Rice recipe


Beef jerky: It is the bagged beef jerky bought in the supermarket. It is of any brand. There is no need to add oil when cooking. It should be because the beef jerky is originally stir-fried with oil, so the oil in it is enough, so it can be invisible Reduce your oil intake.


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