Beef Jerky recipes

Tomato Bisque Hot Pot

Tomato, Knorr Soup Po, Beef Ball

Family Practice of Octopus Fried Meat

Beef Jerky, Octopus, Prawns

Carrot Beef Stew with Rice

Carrot, Beef Jerky, Rice

One-pot Braised Noodles

Kidney Beans, Raw Noodles, Beef Jerky

Yoshinoya Beef Rice

Beef Jerky, Carrot, Broccoli


Beef Jerky, Can Eat Raw Eggs, Chrysanthemum

Korean Beef Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables

Beef Jerky, Bean Sprouts, Soaked Shiitake Mushrooms

Winter Melon Vermicelli and Fungus Soup

Winter Melon, Beef Jerky, Fungus

Korean Bbq

Beef Ribs, Pig Five Flowers, Chicken Wings

Hot Spring Egg Beef Rice

Egg, Soy Sauce, Sugar

Beef Basil Pizza

Flour, Beef Jerky, Salt

Shouxi Pot ~ Improved Version

Shiitake Mushrooms, Beef Jerky, Quail Eggs

Assorted Fried Rice

Rice, Egg, Salt

Rice Cooker Version of Bibimbap

Rice, Spinach, Beef Jerky

Home-made Mala Tang

Dish, Bacteria, Hot Pot Meatballs