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Sukiyaki is definitely one of the dishes that will leave a deep impression if you eat it once. Hot pots like sukiyaki seem to be just a small hot pot with beef and vegetables in the bottom of the pot, but everyone has their favorite dishes, flavors and ways of eating. This is what makes people love flowers. Sukiyaki pot with flowers blooming.

In the book "The Spirit of Japanese Cooking", the author concluded, "Japanese cuisine is very simple, but it is difficult to make". The sukiyaki recipe I shared today is a very precise recipe. If you prepare according to the ingredients and seasonings in my recipe, you will surely make a sukiyaki that is as delicious as a Japanese food store. Whether it’s a gathering of friends or eating alone, listening to the gurgling sound of the pot, a mouthful of meat, a mouthful of soup, really super healing!



1. Wash the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and cut off the old stems; wash the baby cabbage, open and cut the roots; peel and slice the carrots; shred the onions; slice the green onions; wash the konjac knots.

Sukiyaki recipe

2. Slice old tofu.

Sukiyaki recipe

3. Heat an appropriate amount of oil in a pot and add tofu.

Sukiyaki recipe

4. Fry on low heat until the tofu is golden on both sides and serve.

Sukiyaki recipe

5. [Shouxi Pot] Wanzi recipe: Pour 150mL of purified water / (5 tablespoons) into a bowl, 75mL of mirin / (5 tablespoons), and 75mL / (3 tablespoons) of sake.

Sukiyaki recipe

6. Pour 100mL of Wanzi® Fresh Soy Sauce into the measuring cup.

Sukiyaki recipe

7. Pour into a bowl.

Sukiyaki recipe

8. Add 30g / (3 tablespoons) of white sugar, stir the white sugar until it melts. (The amount of sauce this time is suitable for sukiyaki for 2 people.)

Sukiyaki recipe

9. Melt the butter in the pan, pour in the onion and stir fry until it is fragrant.

Sukiyaki recipe

10. Put baby cabbage and chrysanthemum chrysanthemum in the pot.

Sukiyaki recipe

11. Add tofu, carrot slices, green onion slices, konjac knot, seafood mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. (The amount of side dishes can be increased or decreased according to your preference.)

Sukiyaki recipe

12. Put 200g beef slices on it.

Sukiyaki recipe

13. Pour the sukiyaki sauce.

Sukiyaki recipe

14. Boil until the ingredients are fully cooked.

15. 1 egg that can be eaten raw is beaten into egg liquid, and the beef is stained with egg liquid before eating.

Sukiyaki recipe


The proportion of sukiyaki sauce is very important. The amount of sukiyaki sauce in this recipe is suitable for 2 people. Please follow the recipe strictly! The amount of side dishes can be increased or decreased according to your preference.


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