You Tiao

You Tiao

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Youtiao soy milk for breakfast has always been a favorite of the whole people, and my family also loves it.

Family members are motivated to make it. Although deep-fried is not healthy, it is much better to make it by yourself. I eat it once a week in my family and it is fine.

Many people have always thought that deep-fried dough sticks can't taste that taste at home, but in fact, it is the recipe.

This recipe from Bao Ma's was also made by the chef on TV by chance. What he taught was the home version, which was very practical, and it didn't need to be cooked. It could be fried as long as it was made.

The biggest feature of this fried dough stick is that it won't be peeled for a day, it's slightly salty and not greasy. It is loved by the family, so this fried dough stick has been with Baoma's family for several years.
Still the same sentence, you must read the tips at the end of the article, and it will definitely be a success!

You Tiao

1. Prepare the ingredients

You Tiao recipe

2. Mix the two kinds of flour, add baking powder, baking soda, salt and mix well, then knead in eggs, add vegetable oil and mix well

You Tiao recipe

3. Add water in batches to form a soft dough, clenched fists and dipped the water into the dough 3-5 times

You Tiao recipe

4. Pick up the dough and throw it several times until it is moist. Cover the lid and make it for 20 minutes.

You Tiao recipe

5. Brush the dough with oil, flatten the dough and divide it into two large strips.

You Tiao recipe

6. Cut into small pieces

You Tiao recipe

7. Two in one, press it with chopsticks

You Tiao recipe

8. Squeeze to prevent separation during frying

You Tiao recipe

9. Heat the oil in the oil pan and test the oil temperature: throw a small piece of noodles into it and slowly float up to start frying. Pick up the dough tiao dough with both hands and stretch it, put it in a frying pan and set it up and start frying, rolling it with chopsticks constantly, it will expand well when heated evenly.

You Tiao recipe

10. You can control the oil when both sides turn yellow

You Tiao recipe


Tips for Mom:
1 The ratio of the two types of flour is 1:1, which is more tenacious
2 The oil and the noodles are crispy inside and outside, which is more fuel-efficient
3 Adding salt to the fried dough sticks is firmer, and it won’t be peeled for a day


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