Yudai Bamboo Sun Soup

Yudai Bamboo Sun Soup

by Q Milk Tea Food Diary

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I don't like to drink water at ordinary times, so I rely on drinking soup to replenish the water my body needs. So I like the lighter soup. Although the ingredients in this bowl of soup today are simple, the taste is good. Dictyophora is a kind of cryptoflower fungus that parasitizes the roots of dead bamboo. It is rich in nutrients and has a unique fragrance. It is delicious in stewing soup, and bamboo fungus has been listed as one of the "Eight Herbs" since ancient times. Dictyophora is not only a precious edible fungus, but also has a certain therapeutic effect on hypertension, neurasthenia and gastrointestinal diseases. It is particularly worth mentioning that bamboo fungus contains several amino acids necessary for the human body, which are very rare in food. "


Yudai Bamboo Sun Soup

1. Soak the bamboo fungus in water for ten minutes.

Yudai Bamboo Sun Soup recipe

2. Wash the cucumber and cut into thin long slices.

Yudai Bamboo Sun Soup recipe

3. Cut the bamboo fungus into sections.

Yudai Bamboo Sun Soup recipe

4. Put water, salt, cucumber and bamboo fungus in the pot and bring to a boil. Add some chicken essence.

Yudai Bamboo Sun Soup recipe


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