Yuxiang Eggplant

Yuxiang Eggplant

by Meow Xiaoyuer

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Yuxiang eggplant belongs to Sichuan cuisine, its flavor is thick and long, the aftertaste is lingering, and the aftertaste is endless. The color and fragrance are complete, every bite is so soft, sweet and sour, with a slight spicy flavor. The lingering fish fragrance wraps your taste buds. I have to admire the power of this dish, so I love it so deeply. It's a matter of course that the next meal is taken.

Yuxiang Eggplant

1. Eggplant and other materials needed for washing

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

2. Step 1: Use two chopsticks on both sides of the eggplant (to prevent cutting) and cut into diamond-shaped flowers.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

3. Cut one by one, just cut one side (it's fragile when cut on two sides)

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

4. Cut each eggplant equally into small pieces

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

5. All materials are cut and set aside

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

6. Step 2: Heat the eggplants in the oil pan to 70% heat, and fry them in batches. Use chopsticks to turn over and deep fry the pan.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

7. Step 3: Stir-fry the green onion, ginger, garlic, millet pepper, and stir fry until the fragrance

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

8. Put the bean paste (Sichuan-flavored Pixian Douban). I used beef hot sauce. Finally, pour the eggplant into the pot and stir-fry to taste. Add soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar, cover and cook for 2 minutes.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

9. Sprinkle the chives and start the pot

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe


The first step: cut to look good. Step 2: Fry through the molding oil and put a little more. Step 3: Fish-flavored eggplant must use Sichuan-flavored bean paste or chili sauce. The ratio of sweet and sour is appropriate. During the period, I didn't add water and relied on braising and frying. The color and luster of the pan is oily, which is very appetizing.


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