Yuxiang Pork

Yuxiang Pork

by Yoha Kitchen

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The cooking method of Yuxiang has been widely used in various dishes, such as Yuxiang eggplant, Yuxiang chicken shreds, etc. Yuxiang pork shreds is a must-have recipe for restaurants of all sizes. The sour and spicy fish aroma is suitable for serving meals. It is also more suitable for drinking; the probability of fish and parsley appearing on my table is very high, every time it is the first dish on the CD, every time you eat fish-flavored pork shreds, the bear kid needs to eat an extra bowl of rice. Belly fits round;

Yuxiang Pork

1. Prepared materials: chopped green onion, shredded ginger, minced garlic, pickled pepper, black fungus should be soaked in advance

Yuxiang Pork recipe

2. Grab the pork shreds with cooking wine, dry starch, and salt, and pickle for about ten minutes to taste

Yuxiang Pork recipe

3. Light soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, starch, water, according to the ratio of 3:4:4:1:5 to make a juice for later use

Yuxiang Pork recipe

4. Wash and shred carrots, shred bell peppers, shred black fungus, and chop pickled peppers

Yuxiang Pork recipe

5. Heat the wok with cold oil, add the shredded pork, and fry on low heat until the color changes, then serve and set aside

Yuxiang Pork recipe

6. With the help of the oil in the bottom of the pot, add the chopped pickled peppers and fry them until fragrant.

Yuxiang Pork recipe

7. Add carrot shreds and stir fry for a while until soft, then add green pepper shreds and black fungus shreds and stir well

Yuxiang Pork recipe

8. Add shredded pork and stir fry quickly

Yuxiang Pork recipe

9. Add the mixed sauce and stir well

Yuxiang Pork recipe

10. After stir-frying, it can be served, and a plate of delicious fish-flavored shredded pork is on the table.

Yuxiang Pork recipe


1. The key to fish and parsley is the sauce. It is best to mix the sauce well in advance, so as not to be rushed when cooking
2. The shredded pork needs to be marinated in advance with cooking wine, salt, and dried starch to taste
3. Vegetable ingredients can be adjusted according to the change of seasons, it is not static


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