A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce

A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce

by Chef Tang Xiaojuan

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Brother Shan said that red is her lucky color this year, so he made strawberry jam and beef hot sauce full of red oil and sent it to her together. She and her colleagues ate up the strawberry jam the next day after it was received. It was just hot sauce, which was so spicy that the friends in southern Fujian were unable to accept it. After more than a month, there were still more than half of the bottle left. Except for bibimbap, Shan Ge usually doesn't cook with fire. A bottle of beef sauce that is made of real materials is probably going to be useless, and I feel so heartbroken to think about it.
I realized that starting this year, it seemed that I suddenly fell in love with making all kinds of sauces, such as teriyaki sauce, scallion sauce, and basil sauce. Every time I make a small jar and put it in the refrigerator, my stomach will be dying even when I’m alone. When I’m too lazy to move, a spoonful of sauce can make a meal, a midnight snack, and I think I must finish a bottle before making a new one, but I can’t help it. There are all kinds of things in the refrigerator. There are more and more kinds of sauces. The tomato sauce I had made long ago, because I saw the Naples pasta of the shop owner in "Late Night Cafeteria", I felt that I was missing an iron plate and hadn't done it for a long time. Finally, on the weekend, with the excuse of making good use of the spice I planted before it dies completely, I boiled a jar contentedly. Therefore, when you want to eat food, you can eat it, and when you want to make it, you can do it boldly.


A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce

1. Prepare the materials.

A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce recipe

2. Process the tomatoes first (peel the tomatoes): The tomatoes are crossed gently on the surface with a knife.

A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce recipe

3. Take a deep pot and fill it with water that can soak the tomatoes. After boiling, add the tomatoes. Slightly rolled tomato skin! Take it out when you roll it, don't use your hands!

A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce recipe

4. Put it in cold water and cool quickly. After the cooled tomatoes, peel off the skin of the tomatoes from the rolled up place with a knife.

A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce recipe

5. Cut into small pieces.

A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce recipe

6. Put the chopped tomatoes into a blender and beat them into tomato juice for later use.

A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce recipe

7. Put the olive oil in the pan and heat it up, add the chopped onions and fry until it starts to soften.

A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce recipe

8. Pour in the tomato juice and tomato paste and fry twice, add all the spices except the salt, stir and then pour in water, bring to a boil, turn to a low heat and simmer.

A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce recipe

9. Stir it with a spoon from time to time when the stew is boiling to prevent the pot from getting stuck. Cook for about 1 hour, when the sauce becomes thick (how thick? See the picture for yourself), you can add salt for the final seasoning.

A Jar Full of Tomato Sauce recipe


Tomato paste is not tomato paste. The concentration of tomato paste is different from tomato paste and tomato sauce in taste. If you can't buy it, you can choose not to use it or add a small amount of tomato sauce, but don't use tomato sauce instead. !
Do I have to use fresh rosemary? Can I use dried rosemary? Of course it can. Because there is a kind of fresh rosemary at home, you can pick it up and use it now. You can have fresh or dried on your own.
If there are children in the family who can't eat spicy food, the black pepper can be left alone, but the taste may be worse. This red sauce tastes better than the Italian tomato sauce bought in the supermarket. It can be used for pizza and pasta. You can also add some seasoning to the red wine stew.


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